Street food or food in general is sacred to every place. I know I’d take offense if someone speaks badly about gol gappe or chhole bhature. Because food is usually the only thing that makes us proud of where we live. Besides, who doesn’t like chhole bhature?

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There’s also an unsaid competition between Delhi and Bombay, like two siblings fighting for attention. Of course, it’s normal to assume that Bombay can’t do chhole bhature like Delhi does and Delhi can’t perfect vada pav (we’ve tried). Nikhil (@niquotein) tweeted an image of a menu where someone placed “Mumbaiya Wada Pao” under “amchi Delhi”. They somehow managed to offend both dilli and bombay wale at the same time. 


Also, why would anyone put ‘amchi’ with Delhi? Secondly, as an honest spokesperson of dilli ka khana, I’d say, this is quite literally what ‘trying too hard’ looks like. We have good food (amazing food), but we just can’t take their vada pav away. Um, we’re clearly not even spelling it right. I was already pissed with fusions, and now they’re doing this. 

Of course, Twitterati (mostly Bombay wale) are not appreciating this. I don’t blame them. 

Delhi is better than this.