A bored Twitter user confidently laid out the age-old debate: “Tell me a better combination than Chai + toast?” And Twitter aka soon-to-be-Elon-Musk’s-playground had some thoughts.

So what can be better than Chai + Toast? Let’s take a look:

1. First up we have Chai + Parle G

God level combo proudly seconded by ScoopWhoop’s very own Parle G connoisseur Meenu Katariya.

2. Then there’s Lassi + Bun

Which frankly is exactly what I need in this scorching heat.

3. Chai + Ross Omlette 

Never had it but looks yum!

4. Lassi + Chole Bhature

I’m going to be honest, I’m a little iffy about this one.

5. The cute and sweet Chai + Meetha Paratha

Man! I’m hungry now 🙁

6. All the Gujju’s in the house say “Aye!”

7. Same drill with the Parsis

Sweet Parsi heaven I’m salivating!

8. Chai + Pakora (but only on rainy days)

You’ll have to admit that this duo hits different during monsoons.

9. Mountain Chai + Mountain Maggi

I need a vacation 🙁

Being Punekar

10. Aah, the age old Chai + Sutta


11. Some took the unconventional route with Gulab Jamun + Ice Cream

In my humble opinion, this is a fine amalgamation of East meets West.

12. Others took a more fun turn with Beer + Wings

Best pairing for a fun night with the besties.

13. And Old Monk + Thums Up

A college life (and beyond) classic of course. 

14. Also, Beer + Salted Peanuts 


15. These users missed the point altogether. Might as well be ?+?


Chinmoy are you okay?

Not the brief, but same.

16. For all the 0 people who asked, I’m a coffee person so it’s Coffee + Spicy Peanuts for me (no it’s not weird).