Biryani is an emotion for many people and a comfort food for others. I mean, what can be a better foodgasm experience of rice, meat, and royal spices blended together than biryani itself? No offense to vegetarians, but there’s no other dish that can match its lip-smacking taste. Now, if you call yourself a biryani lover, you must know this fascinating story about the delicacy.

We recently found an interesting thread on Twitter which revealed why Kolkata biryani contains potato in it. A Twitter user, @satyanewshi jotted down several facts while referring media articles about how aloo became an integral part of Kolkata biryani.

Let’s check them out:

1. Nawab of Awadh, Wajid Ali Shah built a mini-Lucknow in Calcutta

2. The Shah was accompanied by his cooks there

3. Potatoes, chillies and, tomatoes were brought to Bengal by English traders

4. Potato was an exotic vegetable as its cultivation was low

5. Potato was used in biryani cos of Shah’s fascination, not due to financial crunch

6. The Shah not being able to afford meat for biryani was a rumour spread by the British

7. Kolkata biryani is cooked in dam-pukht style

8. Secret behind mouth-watering taste of Kolkata biryani

9. Slow-cooked potato as an ingredient in Kolkata biryani made the dish a delicacy

10. Kolkata biryani has a cult-following

Hey biryani lovers, the next time you are around your friends, enlighten them with this piece of information. So, when are you planning to savour aloo with biryani?

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