The internet is riddled with content creators who claim to have the ‘quick fix’ or ‘secret tool’ to ultimate fitness. But their tips and tricks usually leave their audiences with grave eating disorders and a complex form of body dysmorphia that last a life time. In a world where clicks are valued over actual science check out these 6 upcoming fitness influencers who advocate for facts over fiction:

1. Anaheez Patel

Branding herself as ‘Bombay’s Fav Gym Bro,’ the budding fitness icon surely does justice to her title. From busting training myths to preaching a sustainable lifestyle that allows you to have abs along with laddoos – Patel is the internet’s new favourite influencer. 

2. Ayush Grover

Grover, who goes by the clever username @grover_upsidedown is ‘not your average fat loss coach.’ The calisthenics enthusiast breaks each exercise down to its fundamentals, encouraging his spectators that progress is gradual and nothing is impossible. 

3. Ambar Sood

The young fitness enthusiast eloquently breaks down the fat loss process, debunking some popular misconceptions along the way. His tutorials are a step by step guide to perfecting your basics and the key to embracing a healthy (and tenable) way of eating. 


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4. Hannah Karuna Kathrein

Named the third fittest woman in India in 2021, the budding influencer is a staunch advocate of the Crossfit lifestyle. The sets she recommends are hardcore and leave you with a burn (can speak from experience).

5. Krystal D

Krystal is not just a fitness coach but also a nutritionist as well. Her savage comebacks to common women’s fitness stereotypes is the motivation we need to push harder. 

6. Karan Sawhney

The founder of The Tribe India doubles as an outstanding motivator. When he is not training prominent Bollywood celebrities, the ex-footballer shares some excellent tips to perfect your exercise regime and eating well.

These are some of my favourites. Comment yours!