As if strange matrimonial ads weren’t bizarre enough, people have taken it a step further with “niche” matrimonial sites. Recently, Karan Johar made news for endorsing a matrimony service called, which caters to the urban elite of society.

Just when we thought we’d reached the pinnacle, we came across another matrimonial platform called FAANG, created specifically for folks who work for tech giants. So it appears that you no longer have to rely on your pados wali aunty to find an engineer dulha anymore.

The matrimonial agency claims to discover your soulmate in the best tech businesses, because, unlike Seema aunty, they feel “you deserve no less”. Iss maamle me ladki doesn’t have to be “flexible”

The ‘AI-Powered Matchmaking’ site stands for the top five American tech companies – Facebook (now Meta), Amazon, Apple, Netflix, and Google (Alphabet). You see the creativity here?

The site also appears to offer validated profiles, which have passed a necessary test and have been verified by LinkedIn for “current or previous experience in a major tech company.” It seems to have “fine-grained screening” based on CTC, years of experience, stocks vested, and other factors.

As expected, Twitter users flocked to the site to react to FAANG’s existence and wondered whether it was a hoax.

Wait, wait! Before you all go ‘what the FAANG’, let us break it to you that is just a clever April Fool’s joke.

But we don’t blame you if you believed it was real up to this point. After all, it is India, and if we think about it, this isn’t so far-fetched.