Fashion, especially high fashion, is like modern art. Not everyone gets it. And if there is one brand that proves this statement right, it is Balenciaga. After the brand introduced its ‘trash pouch‘, worn-out sneakers, very desi print blanket and grocery bags, the brand is back at it with its newest addition – the shoelace earrings.

The earrings are, literally, just nicely tied shoelaces. The earrings are an attempt by the brand “to incorporate everyday objects into the house’s jewelry collections.” If this black and white combination does not appeal to you, Balenciaga offers another option of pink and black shoelace earrings.


Not only is the design of these earrings baffling, even the price will leave you astounded. According to Highsnobiety, this pair of black bow shoelace earrings cost $261 US Dollars (approximately ₹20,800). This is how the brand has described these earrings on its website.


The internet is clearly not having this or even buying this. Here is what they had to say.

BRB, wondering what other bizarre things are high end fashion brands going to sell us under the garb of high end fashion.