Hey, listen. This bit of wisdom could come in handy right now. If you ever think that your shoes or clothes have worn out, please don’t throw them away. ‘Cos you never know when some high-end labels may proclaim them the season’s fashion.

We aren’t kidding. Given the ongoing trend, the piece of clothing that’s rotting in your wardrobe is being offered by a premium brand at ridiculously high prices. We have proof that we’re being casually trolled by them.

1. So Balenciaga took a generic pair of crocs, added an ugly heel, and slapped a ₹50,000 price tag on them.

2. GucciXAdidas designed an umbrella that costs over a lakh rupees but isn’t waterproof, so you can’t use it in the rain.

3. Gucci, once again, sold an  ’embroidery organic linen kaftan’ for  ₹2.55 lakh. Didn’t we all spot the same 

4. Gucci sold a pair of ‘Inverted cat-eye sunglasses’ for ₹55,672, which were basically regular cat-eye spectacles- inverted.

5. GUCCI sold its ‘Screener leather sneakers’ for around ₹60,000. The USP: They’re dirty AF. 

6. Balenciaga just unveiled their latest destroyed shoe collection, branded the ‘Paris Sneaker,’ for a whopping ₹48,279!

7. Nordstrom once sold its ‘dirty’ jeans for roughly ₹27,000. If you thought mud on jeans could be hot…

If this isn’t shoepidity, we don’t know what is.