Talk about daily soaps, and you will see visuals of Hindi daily soaps flashing in your mind. From Gopi bahu defying technology to couples getting married accidentally, daily soaps offer us the drama we miss in our lives.  

And if you thought it was just the Hindi daily soaps, then hold on because this scene from a Bengali soap on ZeeBangla will blow your minds.

In the clip, we see a picture of Mona Lisa on the wall with a garland around it, and guess what? The woman in the video is worshiping the image with agarbattis and bowing down in front of her. 

The scene is from a Bengali daily soap called Gouri Elo. We’re just confused with the act and only wish the makers of the show could enlighten us with what’s going on here.

 Someone also pointed this out. Lmao!

People on the internet are amused by this Bangla show and have some questions and opinions about it. 

Let us know if you have watched this show!

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