Before shows like Crime Patrol and Savdhaan India, we had CID. With 1547 episodes, the show ran for 20 years. The show has its name in the Guinness Book of World Records and the Limca Book of Records. CID has given us characters which we will remember for a long time. I don’t think we can forget ACP Pradyuman, Daya, Abhijeet, Dr Salunkhe, and the others. 

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Leave it only to the CID Team to solve crimes of varying degrees. But there have been certain instances in the show where logic goes out of the window. And if you watch the show now, you will realize that CID was the OG multiverse of madness.

Here are 9 things that were only possible in the CID multiverse.

1. Anyone can be a serial killer. Even an introvert.
In one of the episodes, an alleged expert comes to the bureau. We are assuming he is a psychology expert or so. He tells the officers, with his full heart, that there lurks a killer in the guise of a human. This killer walks around and goes by his day regularly. And according to the expert, these killers are called “introverts”. With extreme confidence, the expert even writes the term on a whiteboard. Does that imply that half of the population can be serial killers?

2. The skill to match a dead body with a black and white pencil sketch.
Something which amazed me about CID was how people could accurately describe someone they caught a glimpse of, and the sketch artist could draw them out exactly. But this amusement was short-lived when I saw this bit. Only a CID officer can match a corpse with a sketch. At times, even placing the sketch above their face.

3. Dr Salunkhe can lick a chemical and identify it.
Forget the fact that an unidentified chemical/powder can be toxic. Dr Salunkhe, from the forensics, is so gutsy that he can taste the chemical, identify it, and help the team solve cases. Opium? Anthrax? Cyanide? Dr Salunkhe will taste test them all.


4. The rules of time do not apply in the CID multiverse.
Inspector Daya can slap someone in any part of the country/world but they will land in the CID bureau right the next second. Be it a remote corner in Mumbai, Paris, or even Uzbekistan. And here’s the even crazier part. The culprit will start confessing in the bureau, no coaxing is required.

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5. When eye protection goes for a toss.
I don’t even know if a machine like this exists or not. But the officers were trying to figure out a piece of crockery and were running laser beams on it. Logic and science tell us to wear protective eye gear when dealing with laser beams. But I guess, even the rules of science do not apply here. Errm, we don’t think Dr Salunkhe’s spectacles are the appropriate eye gear for this.


6. Zooming in only makes the image clearer.
In an ideal world, zooming in on an image pixelates it. But in the CID multiverse, zooming in can reveal crystal clear pictures. All of this with the help of a few random keyboard combinations. So there’s a car eight feet away from the camera on the CCTV footage? No problem. Leave it to the team at CID to zoom in on the car and get a clear image of the number plate.


7. The law of physics goes for a toss.
We know how gravity works. When things fall down, they fall down. But in the CID multiverse, time slows and the laws of physics are bent. Abhijeet can catch a rope thrown mid-air to him and also catch hold of the woman who has jumped off the building. Daya, on the other hand, holds the ropw with all their weight on the terrace of the building. I’m not making this up, trust me. 

8. Coloured table calendars in the year 1940.
This episode was crazy right from the beginning to the end. But we have to give it to the makers, that they could set up a war scene from the year 1940 in a luxurious villa. The most amazing part about this episode is when Purvi checks the **colour** calendar on her table, it’s the year 1940. Truly ahead of its time.


9. Databases show everything, literally everything.
It is assumed that a criminal’s database would show the crime he has done and basic info like height, weight, skin colour, etc. But the CID database has a thing for details, no matter how unnecessary.


But jokes apart, the show gave us our first taste of a crime thriller/detective shows.

What are other crazy things you have noticed in CID? Tell us.