The world is full of surprises. Once in a while, it offers something that you might have never imagined was even possible. This time it’s this viral video. Indian cricketer Mahendra Singh Dhoni was recently spotted playing golf with former US president Donald Trump and it’s a crossover none of us had seen coming.

Take a look at the picture here.

Trump invited Dhoni to play golf at the Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster. The video shows Dhoni donning a blue t-shirt and his signature long hair. Trump, on the other hand, was seen in a white t-shirt and his famous red ‘MAGA’ cap. Dhoni can be seen taking a strike while Trump watches his move.

Take a look at the viral video here.

This unlikely pair of two individuals with two entirely different personalities has got the internet talking. Dhoni fans are amazed to see their hero excelling at yet another sport. While some thought that the pictures were edited.

Here’s what people had to say.

Truly a wild thing to happen.