Karan Johar recently made headlines for promoting a website called IITIIMShaadi.com, a matrimonial site catering to the elite class of highly educated people. Twitter being Twitter dug into this news and a user pointed out that even the founder of the website, Taksh Gupta, is not from the IITs or IIMs. 

Doglapan had to make an entry here

The founder and CEO of IITIIMShaadi, Taksh Gupta, has done his bachelor from DU

He’s the real hero

Some users have other entrepreneurial ideas

Even the employees aren’t from IIT IIMs

He’s not even from the real SP Jain

Good for him

On one hand, the whole concept of your degree defining your worth is absurd. On the other, it’s also undeniable that the tags help you make more money – either by being an alumni or using it to cater to the alumni, just like Taksh did. 

What’s your dig on this whole fiasco? Let us know in the comments below. 

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