Meeting pandits and getting your kundlis matched is so 1900s. Registering on matrimonial sites like and is also very 2000s. I mean, who has the time to put all those filters and look around for potential soulmates who have studied from IIT IIMs and are working in FAANG companies? 

Especially when there are dedicated websites for that. So, folks, here are some weirdly specific shaadi sites, in case you’re looking for one. 

1. is a matrimonial website catering to the elite class. According to the website, they invite registration from the top few Indian and global institutions only. You have to go through an educational background check in order to snoop around the website.


If you are ultra-rich and looking for a partner, then this website is for you. They will find you someone who’s not just a millionaire but is also from the same caste. Not just that they also cater to NRIs, so if you had those Canada-America dreams, you know where to go. 


If you are looking for a doctor to marry, then this website is for you. You don’t have to operate anyone to register, it’s absolutely ✨FREE✨. 


If you are a ward from the defence family looking for another one like you, then go to Defence Wards Matrimony. It is an exclusive matrimony portal for children from defence backgrounds run by a team with a defence background. Because apparently, an outsider can’t fit in.


This one is for the commerce background kids out there. If you are a CA, CS, CMA qualified professional looking for another CA, CS, CMA professional like you, then CA Sansaar is the place for you. 

Along with matrimonial services, CA Sansaar also matches articles to the right firm or principal. A website for all your needs.

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