Indians are easy to offend. The recent arrest of a certain spiritual guru offended a lot of blind followers. Talking about corruption offends politicians. Record on foreign grounds offend cricketers. Every scientific theorem offends some section of our society. Anything about religion offends everyone in general. In short, anything you say or do will find an ' offendee' .

Listed here are some conventional ways to offend Indians. Pay attention.

P.S. : Offensive material. Handle with care.

1. "Who is Sachin Tendulkar?"

2. "So you worship cows? Here's a cheeseburger. Do you want to bow to it?"

3. "What's that red dot on your head?"

4. "So you are a Hindi? Do you speak Hindu?"

5. "Can you teach me Tantrik Yoga?"

6. " It's basi cally just like Slumdog Millionaire , right?"

7. "You're 35, and you still stay with your mother?"

8. "So you work at a call center? You sound exactly like my tech-support guy."

9. "Do you still ride an elephant? Are you a snake charmer?"

10. "Paper is much better than water."

11. "Your PM didn't get a VISA? LOL!"

12. "Cricket is just like a boring version of baseball."

13. "You smell like curry."

14. "You're so fair! Are you sure you're from India?"

15. "Pakistan clearly has a better cricket team."

I'm not sure if all of these are offensive though, so might as well just try them on your friends. Let me know what happens next. Good luck.