Food is sacrosanct for us Indians. We literally have emotions attached to it.

Source: YouTube

Aur itihaas gawah hai, jab bhi kisi ne humare emotions ke saath khilwaad kiya hai, humne dant ke jawab diya hai.

Remember when a Reddit user posted a picture of tandoori chicken dipped in tea for a meal?

And when someone posted a picture of gulab jamun-vada pav?

I felt like I have seen all possible weird food combinations in this world. Just then, I was reminded of ketchup and people's immense love for it with this picture on Twitter.

See, I have never liked ketchup with pizza, but I understand people who overload their pizza with it.

Hell, I can even try to understand those who put ketchup on poha and pulao.

Sorry, but this? Watermelon with ketchup. It is not just unacceptable, but also a crime.

Source: YouTube

And people on Twitter feel the same.

What wrong did we do to deserve this?