Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi was recently in the United States for his official state visit. It was his maiden state visit. During his recent address to the US Congress, his speech got him a standing ovation and cheers from the US lawmakers. But back home, it is not the speech that is being talked about; but a blunder our prime minister made while reading from the teleprompter.

narendra modi
India Today

Prime Minister Narendra Modi landed himself in an unexpected hilarious moment when he switched “investing” to “investigating.” During his speech, he said, “I believe that investigating in a girl child lifts up the entire family.” Rather he was supposed to say, “Investing in a girl child lifts up the entire family.” This teleprompter blunder changed the whole meaning of the line.

Take a look at the video here.

The video has gone insanely viral on social media. It has fetched over 5K likes and more than 497K views. This slip of tongue became the topic of all jokes on social media and it became the most talked about thing from his US visit. People on Twitter had a field day with memes and light-hearted banter on this goof-up.

Here’s what they had to say.

After all, to err is human.

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