Unfiltered, unabashed, and unapologetic – these three words perfectly sum up the Internet’s favourite, Rakhi Sawant. Time and again, she has dropped such wisdom that you cannot help but relate to her. And this viral video is one of those gems.

Take a look at the tweet here.

A viral video shows Rakhi Sawant talking to the paparazzi. In her classic style, something that you can’t miss from even a mile, she tells them, “Aaj kal sab log mujhe gyaan de rahe hai. Jab ki zaroorat mujhe paiso ki hain. Free me gyaan baate jaa raha hai mujhe, ye karo, wo karo. Arey gyaan aapka lene ke liye taiyyar hoon, thode account me paise bhi daal do. Tab aapke gyaan pe main amal karoongi.” (Translation: Everyone is giving me free advice these days when what I really want is money. I will take your advice but deposit some money in my account first. Only then I will follow your advice.)

Obviously, Twitter sprung to action and took this snippet of the conversation and shared hilarious memes that we could all relate to. Especially when we get some unwanted free advice.

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NGL, Rakhi Sawant is a complete mood.