If you have ever tuned into the television late at night or early in the morning, you must have seen these. Sometimes dubbed in Hindi or sometimes even endorsed by lesser-known actors. I’m talking about the teleshopping commercials.

We all can collectively agree that the teleshopping commercials are hilarious. But the products they sell are even better. We compiled a list of 10 bizarre things sold on teleshopping ads that have made science leave the conversation.

1. Slim Sauna Belt
The number of times you must have seen a teleshopping ad for this product is higher than the number of positive results this belt will ever achieve. The belt claims to generate enough heat to melt the fat around your waistline. Yeah, right! If that was the case, gyms and doctors would have slammed this belt on our faces. But science actually tells you that this will not reduce the fat but will simply reduce the water weight. 


2. Height Gain Soles
In other words, simply a pair of heeled shoes. Common sense and just a little research on Google will tell you how these supplements/tools that claim to increase heights just never work. And also the soles look hideous, rather invest that much money in a good pair of heels.


3. Slim Fit Oil
Teleshopping ads and online shopping sites tell us that this oil “helps in burning cellular fat and turns it into consumable energy.” ONE SECOND, WHAAAT!? Imagine an oil doing all of this? BRB looking up if this oil can fuel my vehicle too.

India Mart

4. Roop Amrit Fairness Solution
Products which claim to give a fair skin tone are literally the worst thing to ever exist on this planet. Just look at this poster, it looks like a class in PhotoShop where they just increased the brightness. 


5. Tummy Fit Oil 
Slimming and fitness are things teleshopping products and commercials always aim at. Unlike the oil, we mentioned before this oil claims to also slim your face. Yes, we are not making this up. The product wildly claims that it can help you lose an inch in a week.


6. Brain Smart Powder
This powder claims to be formulated “from very rare and highly effective ayurvedic herbs”. But the icing on the cake is the TVC for this product where the host diagnoses you with a new disorder – “low data holding capacity”. But in all honesty, you have to watch the TVC. 

7. Nazar Raksha Kavach
While these blue evil eye artefacts have made their way to the Instagram aesthetic now, teleshopping ads did it much before. More than the kavach, it is the ad which needs to be spoken about. The kavach claims to protect you from the shooting red rays of buri nazar by simply activating itself. Wow.


8. Swing Massager
Another fitness product in the universe of teleshopping ads. I’m still trying to figure out how this vibrating rectangular piece of plastic will help you burn the excess fat. Fun fact: Kalki Koechlin was in this TVC.

9. Power Atomic Gloves
The only time I guess anyone will wear this is at a cosplay where they are trying to be Wolverine but in a different way.

Telebrands India

10. Health Bracelet
Ages before smartwatches, we had this health bracelet that claimed to exude powerful radiations that can improve your blood circulation, cleanse your blood, improve your immune system, and what not. While all of that is simply not possible, it can be a substitute for a cool bracelet, what say?

Ubuy India

Time to tune again to those late night teleshopping ads.