Tesla is yet to come to India. While that may take a little longer, Indians abroad are having the time of their lives with the electric vehicle.

In a Reddit post aptly titled ‘You can take an Indian out of India, but not India out of an Indian’ a user shared a picture of a Tesla Model S with a very desi and unique number plate.


The number plate reads ‘Bijli‘. Possibly a clever word play considering the car runs on bijli aka electricity.

Another user commented on the Reddit thread and noted how desi number plates are a common sight abroad.

“Some common ones I have come across: It’s kind of a thing in the Punjabi and Gujrati community, I guess. S1NGH GUJJAR SHAH1 PAT3L.” – East_City_2381

This was not the first time this number plate was spotted. Users on Twitter have narrated similar instances.

Elon Musk has reportedly moved his focus to other Asia Pacific markets considering the high import costs Tesla would acquire in India.

Tesla’s arrival in India is still unknown. However, the love and obsession Indians have for a Tesla is a well known thing.