Men and their endless audacity are so fascinating to me. I mean, they don’t stop and think, even for a moment, that maybe, just maybe, what I am doing counts as entitlement because where was it written that a woman, or anyone, owes me anything? Here are some shining examples of male audacity in all its glory.

1. See, this could be a photoshopped conversation for Twitter, but you and I both know it could also, totally, could have happened for real.

2. Varunram, you go home and make a dosa yourself is what you do.

3. Okay fine, no one likes to eat Maggi for all meals. But a quick solution, again, is to make your food yourself.

Daily O

4. This one time men decided to be total jokers by explaining how to hold a gun to an Olympic medalist.

Yes, Mike, please tell us how to do things we have won medals for. It makes us love you so much.

5. And then, there was a guy who got angry that his future wife would collapse during wedding rituals due to exhaustion. So he walked off.

Good riddance, woman!

6. Who says romance is dead?!


7. This guy just assumed that the person he was pursuing was gay because they didn’t pay heed to him. That’s exactly how sexual orientation works.

8. Quick tip, don’t go around guessing people’s ages at work no matter how “good” you are at it.

9. What is marriage if not giving your husband the right to end your life whenever he wants?!

10. Yes, I hope she stands up for herself and throws you the hell out of the door. But then, I hope you never make it inside.

Just, get a life, and some life lessons.