Remember that guy who became an internet sensation in 2019 after Pakistan lost the World Cup against India? The guy became an internet meme with his rant about the Pakistan cricket team and especially the “Mujhe maaro, ekdum se waqt badal diye, jazbat badal diye” line. Momin Saqib is now a social media influencer.


Momin attended the last night’s India vs Pakistan Asia Cup held in Dubai and he made it a point to meet the eminent cricketers from both teams post the match. He took to his Instagram and Twitter and shared videos of him meeting Virat Kohli and Hardik Pandya.

“A great sportsman and a humble personality. Good to see you back in form. What a game tonight! See you in the finals InshAllah Shall see you in the final!” Momin captioned sharing a video with Kohli. The two can be seen chatting in Punjabi with Momin congratulating Kohli.

“Good neck-to-neck game. Despite being young and with raw talent, our bowlers did an amazing job. But you batted well to take the match away from us.  Bhai tera chakka nahi bhulay ga!” Momin wrote sharing a video with Pandya

Here is how the internet reacted to this Asia Cup meet.

The nail-biting India vs Pakistan Asia Cup match saw India winning the match by five wickets.