People born in the 90s and early 2000s would remember the golden age with all the cool stuff that made our growing years so exciting. At least better than how children born these days have it. Or is it that every adult feels this way cos mom-dad’s ‘humaare zamaane mein‘ makes sense now? But hold on, this piece is not to give you scary reality checks but to take a trip down the nostalgia lane. Here are 25 images of things we had in our childhood that made it nothing less than AWESOME.

1. To begin with, we had SWEET cigarettes, for goodness sake

And literally, all of us enacted adults smoking.

90s 200s kids childhood years things
Phantom Sweet Cigarettes –

2. A fun pencil box that got us through those boring SSt lectures

No hate for the subject, but reading about dams made my head swirl around.

things that made 90s childhood awesome
Fun pencil box – Dukaan

3. Rasna felt like a sweet cold shower of relief after hours under the scorching sun

Rasna. Was. The. Best. Drink. Period.

things that made 90s childhood special
Classic Rasna ad – Doordarshan National Blog YouTube

4. Commercials which were more entertaining than TV shows

These were the ads we wouldn’t have skipped in five seconds, even if we had the option.

best classic ads - 90s kids
Pepsi ad – sting281 YouTube

5. And it was during our childhood years India got its first superhero, Shaktiman

Only to grow up and realise he’s definitely NOT the person we had thought him to be. 🙂

best shows 90s 200s childhood Shaktiman superhero
Ultra Bollywood – YouTube

6. We also had a man who rose from the dead

For the longest time, I believed The Undertaker & other conspiracy theories were real :))

WWE conspiracy theories 90s kids
New York Post

7. Prized possessions ft. Tazo Cards

If you didn’t collect them, you are excluded from this clan! I’m sorry, but rules are rules.

awesome childhood things 90s kids tazo cards

8. A chocolate drink that made sense

Milo made many of us like drinking milk, much to our parents’ relief. And then it ghosted us.

best drink 90s 2000s children
RVCJ Media

9. A magic pencil that only worked for Sanju, but every kid wanted it

Our magic pencil didn’t do shiz, but the idea was exciting.

best things 90s 2000s children owned
Mirchi Play

10. Cadbury Bytes is like that one ex you never moved on from

“My only one, my smoking gun, my eclipsed son…”

best snacks childhood
Cadbury Bytes Ad – Sanjay Shharma YouTube

11. Roadrash, Prince of Persia, and other desktop games that were ‘true happiness’

If not them, you’d have surely played one among these 20 Classic Video Games From The Good Old Days That Will Take You Down The Road (Rash) To Nostalgia.

best video games
Best Old Games

12. And you can’t debate that we also had the best Disney era

Hannah MontanaLizzie McGuireThat’s So RavenThe Suite Life of Zack & CodyWizards of Waverly Place, you name it… we got to watch some of the most golden shows from Disney.

best disney shows for 90s 2000s kids
The Suite Life of Zack & Cody,- DisneyChannelUK YouTube

13. Back then, even selecting name slips for school notebooks was exciting

Or is it just me romanticising everything through glasses tainted with nostalgia?

things that made childhood great nostalgia

14. OH, and we had some of the best films from SRK. He had already become the favourite actor for our lifetime

Now please don’t come and say, ‘Salman Khan better hai!’ YOU DO YOU.

k3G best of SRK in 2000s

15. We even had a social media site that did what it was MEANT to do – connect people

This was before people manufactured Hailey vs Selena narrative and propagated toxicity on social media. It was when things were real. A long time ago.

90s kids social media site orkut

16. Cartoon Network & the iconic cartoons

Before Cartoon Network horribly dissected its logo, it gave us some really incredible shows. Powerpuff Girls, Scooby Doo, Dextergosh, it was whole another era.

cartoon network best cartoons

17. Renting DVDs was our side hustle

Before OTT changed the way we consumed content, renting DVDs made content consumption so precious.

things that only 90s kids did

18. At one point, Pop Music >>> Bollywood Songs

Some of us still find ourselves going back to Channa Ve Ghar Aaja Ve & Aankhon Mein Tera Hi Chehra

How many of these do you remember? : 50 Popular Songs You Forgot You Absolutely Loved As A Teenager

pop hindi songs of 90s kids
Leja Leja Re – Pop Chartbusters YouTube

19. We also had talk shows that were as real as they could get

Simi Garewal had us watch even the most awkward moments between celebrities. In fact, hers was the last good celebrity talk show.

best talk show simi garewal
Rendezvuous with Simi Garewal – SimiGarewalOfficial YouTube

20. Handheld multigame device that oozed COOL vibes

If you owned this, I envy you already.

90s kids coolest devices

21. We had Star One. I need not say anything more

A special appreciation to Star One for giving us COOL daily soaps beyond the SAAS-BAHU drama.

best shows Star One

22. Chewing gum we grew up with

I wanted to be a part of this ad. :’)

boomer chewing gum things that made childhood awesome

23. Stick-on tattoo was our idea of getting inked

We were ahead of our times.

nostalgia tattoos

24. Yeah, we had video games. That too the OG ones

This thing makes me strongly wish time machines existed.

video games 90s kids played

25. Playing with Beyblades was the best pastime

Back before fidget spinners got viral, we had Beyblades. And they were pretty exciting.

games 90s kids
Beyblades – Mumbai Live

Nostalgic much? You’re welcome!