In the lowest of the lows, Elon Musk has somehow stooped lower. Someone has asked the Twitter chief to unban a far-right conspiracy theorist, Alex Jones, who claimed that the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, one of the worst mass shootings in American history, was a hoax.

Replying to this request, Musk recounted a painful memory and said that he has felt the pain of losing a child and he would show ‘no mercy’ to anyone who uses the death of a child for gain, politics or fame.

Except, the memory he recounted wasn’t his but that of his ex-wife, Justine Musk, who took to Twitter to tell the real story.

People were enraged by this revelation and couldn’t fathom how Elon Musk could lie about something like the death of his child, just to gain some Twitter points

No doubt, he must have felt the terrible pain of losing his child, but taking the devastating experience of his ex-wife and recounting it as his own is stooping too low, even for his standard.

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