Any India vs Pakistan match is a big deal. The nation gets glued to television screens and devours every innings of the match with attention. It is also a good time for brands to jump on the bandwagon and capture the moment to advertise their products in a way so that it goes viral. Recently, a travel giant put out an ad during the India vs Pakistan World Cup match which was distasteful.

ind vs pak

But apart from that, there were brands that delivered their ads tastefully and celebrated the occasion without bringing the other team down. Let’s take a look at those five ads.

1. Cleartrip

True sportsmanship lies in congratulating your opponent for their efforts even when you win the game. It also lies in not celebrating their loss with jingoism and using words that can incite. Cleartrip’s ad hits the bulls eye.

india vs pakistan
Twitter / @newspaperwallah

2. Lifebuoy

Lifebuoy saw an opportunity to talk about hygiene during the match and they grabbed it with their bare hands. They did it all in good taste.

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3. Flipkart

Flipkart turned their ad into bingo tickets with QR codes. You could unlock deals at certain milestones during the match.

india pak match
LinkedIn / Sharan Hegde

4. Zomato

Remember the viral ‘pizze burger’ meme that broke the internet? The food delivery giant found a perfect opportunity to use the meme without coming across as crass.

5. Kit Kat

No stereotypes, no bringing the other team down, and no provoking statements – just a hope and a prayer for India to win the match.


These brands proved what it means to be a good host for the other team.

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