The thing with (some) rich people is that they can easily be out of touch with real people, real things and so on. It’s normal to not know certain things, but it’s another thing to lack basic empathy. The only way to deal with that is to acknowledge one’s privileges and not let that get to the head. But it’s clearly a lot of effort for certain people.

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And these remarks on Reddit by some wealthy people will make you roll your eyes very hard.

1. “One time a client’s kid gave a coworker an iPad. Brand new, unopened box. My coworker was a little uncomfortable receiving such an expensive gift from a kid. The kid just said “don’t worry, I just grabbed it out of the gift closet.” We were confused, so we asked him what a gift closet is. Apparently, their family keeps a whole closet loaded with stuff like this – Apple Watches, cameras, iPads, etc so that whenever they need to give a gift, they always have something in hand.”


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2. “Why have roommates at all? I don’t think anyone I knew had roommates. Seems like too much trouble. Just spend the extra money on rent and live at peace.”


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3. “‘If your car is broken why don’t you just go buy a new car? He was dead-pan serious.”


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4. “The person who underpaid me told me to get my kids out of public school and pay for private schools.”


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5. “Poor people are poor because they’re lazy.”


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6. “That they must be paying me too much because I wore a designer jacket from a name his wife liked. I told him to tell his wife they had sales. Good sales too – 90% off.”


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7. “You’ve really never been on vacation? I can’t imagine not having my yearly trip.”


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8. “I’m not picking up my dog’s shit, the city pays people to do that.”


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9. “Taxes should be low for rich people. That way I have more money left over to tip the help.”


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10. “We all have the same number of hours in the day”


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I don’t want to generalize here, but some people are just–