Recently, a submersible craft carrying five people to the wreckage site of the Titanic was reported missing. This tourist sub carried five people on board. OceanGate Expeditions takes people down the sea to explore the Titanic wreck site. Their orca-sized sub, the Titan, lost communication with the team on the surface vessel above water. A massive search operation is underway to locate the sub.

Wreck of RMS Titanic
Wreck of RMS Titanic | Source: Marine Insight

This missing sub has raised a lot of questions as well as concerns. We found a Reddit thread where people discussed their thoughts on this submersible craft. Here’s what people had to say.

1. “Submarines are fucking terrifying. End of story.” – ambitchious70

2. “It’s looking like they’re goners, so I just hope it imploded. The thought of being trapped in a little metal can on the seabed & stewing in your demise for days in pitch black, while you either slowly freeze or suffocate to death. What could be worse? The terror and total despair, the panic and claustrophobia. The guilt of a father bringing his teenage son. I just hope it was quick.” – Rivarr

titan oceangate

3. “There are three possibilities:

  • It imploded during its descent.
  • They’re stuck underwater with no hope of rescue.
  • It’s floating on the surface somewhere, but they’re still stuck inside because it can only be opened from the outside.” – Impressive_Jaguar_70

4. “Like attempting to climb Everest or crashing your personal helicopter, it’s an expensive way to die.” – Bonhomme7h

Belfast Telegraph

5. “I think it’s pretty fucked up that some rich folk sunk and died and then a hundred and some years later, they did it again.” – orcsrpeeple2

6. “I wonder if one day there will be another tourist submarine that goes down to see it?” – GoldPenis

titanic wreck
National Geographic

7. “Personally, I think they’re dead. I think it sunk and they got crushed under the pressure. It happened quickly. That’s why we can’t hear anything of it. That’s why there’s no signal or SOS. My guess, anyway.” – Sarcastic_Troll

oceangate titan
OceanGate’s missing submersible | Source: Indian Express

8. “I think that if it’s true that the window wasn’t rated for the depth of the Titanic, and if it’s true that the hull of the sub was showing wear, and if it’s true that they waited 8 hours to report them missing, then those who made the decision to send people – including a 19-year-old – into potentially fatal depths that the vessel allegedly couldn’t handle, need to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, if applicable.” – HeatherReadsReddit

9. “Probably one of the most horrific ways to die. But they chose to do stupid shit and stupid shit happened.” – IH8Earth

tourist sub

10. “It’s a sad way to go. I can’t imagine how scary that would be. I watched an interview with someone showing off the controls and inside of the submarine, and you couldn’t pay me to go down in that thing!” – MoonRise93

11. “You couldn’t pay me $250K to do that.” – VeryTightButtholes

Inside the Titan
Inside the Titan | Source: It’s Gone Viral

12. “I feel bad for them. But it’s a little like when someone goes to the running of the bulls in Spain and gets trampled by a bull. Like, you had to know there was a very realistic chance of that happening. I’m not saying they deserved to die or anything. But if you don’t want to drown, maybe stay away from experimental submarines.” – staffsargent

orca sized titan
Cosmic Log

13. “I’m sad and I really hope they’re found. I don’t care how rich they are. There is a father and son on that sub. It hurts my heart to think how excited they probably were to go on this bonding trip together. Nobody deserves to die like this. I’m now invested in checking every few hours for a rescue update.” – doggonebeautifullife

14. “It’s scary, and of course, I want them found alive, but at some point, we have to acknowledge that this is hubris of the highest order.” – CorrectAdhesiveness9

titan on water
Globe Echo

15. “All of the warning signs were there. The lawsuits against the company, the past employees stating that the company standards weren’t high enough for an exploration of this magnitude, and the state of the metal death tube before the descent. The greed of companies will continue to doom people in horrific ways until the end of time because people with more money than we can imagine won’t listen to those who know the science.” – anawesometurtle

Here’s hoping the rescue operation brings the people onboard to land safely!

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