Marriages are never easy, even the discussion of them is not the easiest. The hearing of petitions for marriage equality has brought up a number of subsequent debates around marriage. And recently, a statement by the Supreme Court of India raised more questions, and valid infuriated reactions.

Supreme Court Says Divorces Arise From Love Marriages

The Supreme Court of India made a remark on Wednesday that majority of divorces in the country are the result of love marriages. A two-judge bench was hearing a transfer petition arising out of a matrimonial dispute, and court was informed that the marriage was a love dispute. Justice Gavai then remarked, “Most divorces are arising from love marriages only”.

This assumption was probably a result of personal observations by the court and the bench, but it’s still an assumption. Even if it were a fact, less divorces or no divorce in a marirgae doesn’t directly mean a happy or successul marriage. This remark comes from the idea that divorce means failing. And it certainly didn’t sit well with people.

The internet has a lot to say, rightly so.

The issue with our society is that we hardly accept other’s choices, the moment we don’t get them. And such opinions stem from this very issue.