A marriage is a big deal. Especially in India where people ascribe a lot of importance to it. So much so that the idea of being married is shoved down our throats when we are young. And just like any other thing, people have their opinions when it comes to marriage and rightly so.


A Twitter user started a thread where they asked people to share their unpopular opinions on marriage. Twitterati obliged. Their responses will either have you agreeing or disagreeing, there’s just no in-between.

Let’s take a look, shall we?

1. On desi marriages.

2. Another opinion on marriages in India.

3. This is a good yardstick.

4. Some people really put forth their honest opinions.

5. Some dropped truth bombs.

6. A good point, frankly.

7. OOF.

8. Too real.

9. This might offend some people.

10. We need to speak more about divorces.

11. Indian weddings in a nutshell?

12. This might be true for most people.

13. Society will tremble after reading this.

14. Not a bad idea.

15. *gulps*

Some of these unpopular opinions on marriage were a lot to unpack.