Sometimes, the thought of a mere eight-letter word can get you cold feet. As you’ve guessed, it’s marriage. Especially when you reach ‘that’ stage of your life.
Honestly, it’s not that scary when you meet the right person at the right time but you know, timing is a bitch.

Intrigued by the same thought, a Reddit user sparked a discussion on marriage and Desis are offering their honest opinions.

1. “Marriage is a big responsibility, I don’t think I can do it without being financially stable with a better grasp on my mental health. And knowing how Indian marriages work (with families getting involved etc.), I don’t see myself making that commitment at least for the next 8-10 years.”

2. Sometimes I look at this elderly couple who lives near my hostel and I meet them during our evening walks in the park.

Sometimes when the uncle has his laces untied and can’t bend down to tie them, aunty ties his shoes. Aunty can’t see super well, so when it gets dark uncle holds her hand and leads her gently back to their home.

When I look at them, for a moment all the worries about marriage go away and I can only think “I want a love like this one day”

3. “Not interested in getting married. I don’t see myself sharing my space with anybody else.”

–  SunSunny07

4. “28M here. Already family & relatives are nagging me to get married & start a family. I want to be child-free & already with someone who’s also in the same turmoil. We both haven’t told our respective parents yet, waiting for the right time.”

5. “I’m pretty comfortable where I am. I’m not in a relationship and I am fine with it. I have a lot of hobbies, I’m rising through my career, decent social life.”

6. “My parents have put this in my head that if I don’t marry, any friend circle or social circle I have will eventually be lost and I’d be the loneliest person in India. That is a scary thought too. This whole thought process is frustrating.”

7. “But from where I come from, women give birth, work a job, take care of house, cook and raise kids while men go do their 9-5 and hit the gym/club and sleep. I don’t think marriage compensates justly. Upon that is the devaluation, cheating, fights etc. It rips you of your dignity. I’m not scared anymore. I’m rather convinced that marriage is shit.. At least in India.”

8. “I’ve known people whose marriage broke in 2 years and some whose broke after 15 yrs. I respect people who believe in the institution of marriage, but it’s not for me.”

9. “Marriage serves no purpose.

Want sex? Find hookers. No monogamy. Enjoy as many as your heart desires.

Want kids? Adopt. Do some good in life.

Want companionship? Make good friends.

I can’t think of any other reason to marry for!”

10. “Don’t want to get married, don’t ever plan on it, don’t see the point — not because I’m commitment-phobic or something, it just seems like a pain in the ass (and a gigantic waste of money, for a wedding) to me.”

11. “Will get married someday but am not thinking about marriage every passing day when it will happen, it will happen.

I don’t care what society thinks if I marry late, I will be marrying mainly for companionship, I am a sucker for affection in general and just talking a lot about my daily life past and present.”

12. “A marriable (arrange more so) has always has chances of going sour, but the opposite can equally be true. You can have a miserable life, but you can also get an amazing partner and love your life.”

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All things said, don’t marry just to be a one-day protagonist of your mediocre life. 

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