The discussion around marriage equality continues to take place through a batch of petitions, which are being heard by a constitution bench of the Supreme Court. There’s a lot that is being said – too much at this point. But what started off as a hearing, has turned into a debate, which well, shouldn’t even exist. And a Twitter user rightly reminded us of that.

Marriage Equality, LGBTQIA+
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In light of recent discussions, award winning equal rights activist, Harish Iyer talked about marriage equality with a more real perspective. It boils down to flipping the discussion and what if the argument was around heterosexual marriages. Iyer added that there are viable arguments there as well – including global warming and population explosion caused due to procreation.

On the other hand, there has been a constant debate around LGBTQIA+ couples as parents, where a side believes that ‘healthy parenting’ comes from heterosexual couples. Harish also mentioned that there are child abuse cases that have been associated with heterosexual parents (in-turn, couples). So, the point is, that people – not their gender or sexual orientation – make good or bad parents.

Harish Iyer finally talked about tables being turned, and how that shouldn’t be the case either, because it all comes down to getting equal rights as ‘humans’. Too many people on the internet, and otherwise, are reluctant to see people as people. In doing so, marriage equality has turned into a debate with arguments that question basic ability of people who do not identify as heterosexuals. And that’s just pain insensitive.

We’re also talking about marriage in terms of procreation and parenting, when THOSE are choices. And so, we’re missing out on what marriage should actually mean – love and companionship.