The ’90s was an amazing time to be born in, wasn’t it? We had the best cartoons to binge watch, so many cool candies to eat, and many more fun, addictive games to play. No, we are not talking about Pokemon Go but real, outdoor games like Pakdam Pakdai and Chupan Chupai. We were so addicted to these games that our evenings were incomplete without them. We would rush back from school to play and pay no heed to our mom’s constant calls to come back home.

Over the years, as technology and internet took over the world, these games lost their charm. Kids today have forgotten how it feels like to duck whenever a ball comes flying towards you while playing Maaram Pitti. 

We’ve been missing those good ol’ days a little too much, so we went back in time and put together a list of games we loved to play. How about we play these the next time we get together with our friends? 

Would you still be as good at them as you were when you were a kid. What about if you’re drunk!?

Here’s a list of 20 outdoor games from the ’90s we dare you to play when your’re drunk!

1. Musical Chairs

The test here is to see if you can circle around a group of chairs when your head is spinning with all the booze you’ve consumed. Can you catch the last chair?

2. Maaram Pitti 

Can you see the ball coming towards you and duck on time? Or better still, aim the ball so that it hits an actual person and doesn’t just bounce away?

3. Stapoo (Hopscotch)

Throwing a stone in the right box and hopping on one leg – think you can do this when you’re extremely wasted? Will be fun to watch!

4. Skipping

Won’t it be fun watching your tipsy friends stumble over the rope and fall on their faces? Well, watch out because it could happen to you as well!

5. Vish-Amrit

Let’s just hope you don’t run into the denner while trying to ‘Amrit’ your friend!

6. Poshampa

Poshampa bhai Poshampa,

Daakiye ne kya kia?

Sau rupay ki ghadi churayi

Ab toh jail mein jaana padega… (Don’t you mess up the words!)

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7. Dog And The Bone

Are you dogged enough, despite a couple of drinks down, to take the bone before the other person?

8. Oonch Neech Ka Papda

Walking straight is a task when you’re drunk, imagine climbing on to a raised surface! Can you even differentiate between oonch and neech

9. Doctor Doctor

It takes a lot of concentration to, first, tangle yourself with each other, and second, to untangle it all. Imagine how much fun it would be to do it when you’re tipsy!

10. Aankh Micholi

Your vision is as it is clouded when you’re plastered, and then you’re given the task to catch people blindfolded. Talk about hard work!

11. Chain Chain 

It’s tough to run when you’re hammered, leave alone doing that with people tagging along holding hands!

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12. Langdi Taang

You’re drunk as a skunk and then you’re expected to run on one leg. ONE LEG! Can you do that?

13. Kho Kho

I can’t even imagine what will be the result of playing this game when drunk! Disastrous?

14. Chupan Chupai

May be you can hide in the loo? No one would ever know you threw out. *Wink*

15. Statue

You have to stay absolutely still. No movement whatsoever. And you’re canned! Do you have the strength for this?

16. Pithoo 

Make sure your aim is absolutely spot-on. And the other team – make sure you’re fast enough to pile up all the stones again. This will be fun!

17. Kikli

I swear y’all will be retching your brains out after this one!

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18. Chhua Chhoot Ki Bimari

This game was the hardest to play back then; running holding one of your body part! And the chaser always aimed for your legs.

19. Elastic

Jumping over a string of elastic with the other one around your legs requires great precision! Something that your wasted brain cannot process. But worth a try!

20. Gilli Danda

Wouldn’t it be fun to play gilla danda when you’re drunk? Worth a try!

So, the next time you’re drunk, don’t just sit there wondering if you should text your ex. Get up and play these games and relive the most awesome phase of your childhood!

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