Our society often conditions us into thinking that living or not living with our parents indirectly means loving or not loving them. We’re made to believe that caring for them automatically means that we have to stay with them, under the same roof. When in fact, moving out of their house, or staying with them is a personal choice. And a Twitter user’s question has people sharing their choices and stories.

Twitter shares stories of moving out
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Shubh asked people on Twitter if they agree that moving out in early twenties helps. The Twitter user questioned, if this does offer an environment that is more independent. The idea that we’re abandoning are ageing parents, when we choose to move out, is not only restricting, but also toxic. So making choices in life leads to unnecessary amounts of guilt, and everything that we do for ourselves feels selfish. When it’s not.

People answered this based on their experiences – which is actually helpful.


While it is a personal choice, and there might not be one right answer, being made to feel less for moving out is wrong on a lot of grounds.