In the last few days, you may have come across this picture of Ratan Tata cutting his birthday cake with a young employee.

The employee happens to be Shantanu Naidu, who works as the Deputy General Manager at TATA.

As the photo went viral, a lot of interest was generated regarding Shantanu and what he does. Here, we try to find out more about his role at the company. 


What are the responsibilities of a Deputy General Manager?

The DGM works under the General Manager and helps them with the company initiatives. This includes chalking out plans, delegation, overlooking finance, etc. It’s a demanding job that requires the person to be on their toes for long hours. 

Shantanu works for TATA Trusts, the institution responsible for philanthropic work at TATA. That should give you an idea about the projects that must be coming his way.

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What are the educational requirements for the role of Deputy General Manager?

A degree in business administration is preferred – or is a prerequisite – in most cases. Shantanu has done MBA from Cornell University.


What are the skills required for the role of Deputy General Manager?

Since this is a job heavy on planning and delegation, team-working assumes importance naturally. At every stage, there is more than one person involved in making things done, so interpersonal skills also become very crucial.

Apart from this, having a good business sense and a decent understanding of money matters is obviously a must. 

Lastly, what is the salary of a Deputy General manager in India?

The average salary of a DGM in India is ₹27 lakhs/annum. Though some reports suggest that at companies like TATA, it can go up to ₹40 lakhs/annum too. Of course, this is speculation but the correct salary should fall in the bracket itself.


That’s all you needed to know.