The majority of men in Indian families rarely cook and when they do, it’s the “main dish”, the “star curry” that they prepare in “my way”. 

Sir, what about rice? Or chapatis? That becomes someone else’s responsibility, including a restaurant’s. 


This is not a dry assumption, I have seen it happen with my own eyes. And the same was felt by this woman who took to Twitter to explain her woes.

She thought that her husband, who likes to grill, was making them dinner. No. He was making them chicken. It didn’t occur to him how the family is going to eat the chicken.

And soon, everyone else joined the conversation. 

So what is it? Cooking a side dish is beneath you? Or it just seems like too much hassle? If it does seem like too much hassle how come you don’t have a problem when someone else does it every day?

We want our rotis.