Will Smith’s outburst at the Oscar ceremony last night, made me introspect some things. You see, gender, in its primitive understanding, has had a place only for ‘men’, ‘women’, and ‘transgenders’ – and specific roles for all 3. Men will be the protectors, women will be the humans they protect and trans people will step aside from the phenomena called society because they are ‘cursed by God’.

Over time, people started questioning these notions. Why are we involving God to explain the biology of genitalia? And how are men ‘protecting’ women when they are their biggest threat?


Now, once you start questioning these things, you realise that sadly, there is a long way to go before we can get rid of all the ideas that gender stereotyping brings. And one of the most common examples of it is that men should enjoy positions of power because they can, and I quote, control their emotions. Right. Here are some pictures of men controlling their emotions, a quality that makes them superior to other humans.

1. Men know how to stay composed.

Hindustan Times

2. Only men can be truly rational.

One India

3. Men are better leaders.

Times of India

4. Men are better athletes.

Vocal Media

5. Men are not insecure.


6. Men can take a question.

The Daily Beast

7. You can trust men to resolve conflicts.

India Today

8. Men know how to stay calm when things don’t go their way.

Essentially Sports

9. Men are better upholders of the law.

The Indian Express

10. Women need men around to be safe.

Mumbai Mirror

Generally, it is said that women don’t know how to handle their sentiments, and more often than not, this comment comes for displaying legitimate, and important act of displaying empathy. She is not even “losing control” of herself, but the moment a tear falls down a woman’s eye, she is immediately termed “not suitable” for so many jobs. 

Meanwhile, a man can go and beat up another guy, receive the biggest award in his field a few minutes later, and then dance at a party meant to celebrate him. It’s a rigged game.