Have you ever been on a date where someone stood you up or perhaps, you stood someone up? Well, random dates can be real awkward since both the parties don’t know a lot about each other. And, due to this awkwardness, one might even be too embarrassed to accept how they really felt about their date.

In a similar situation, a woman sued a man for about ₹8 lakhs after he didn’t show up for their date.

The woman, QaShontae Short, got into a heated argument with the judge and claimed that she was filing the lawsuit because the man, Richard Jordan, inflicted emotional distress on her by not showing up for their planned date.

As per reports, she alleged that he did not show up for their date and gave the reason that he is going for his mother’s birthday. However, his mom had just passed away. Richard Jordan, on the other hand, responded to her allegations by saying that the case was a ‘waste of time’ for the judge.

To be honest with you sir, I thought this was just gonna be thrown out. We had a date, one date, and nothing else after that, and now I’m being sued for $10,000. I think this is a waste of your time.

At the end of the meeting, which took place on Zoom, the woman asks to transfer the case to a circuit court and the judge has now ordered the case to be moved to a circuit court.

While some netizens found the entire situation ‘waste of time’, others found the situation hilarious.

Ah, looks like she got another date at another court!

Please note that all images are taken from TMZ.