Let’s be honest, we all have been on at least one horrible first date. While it’s good to share certain feelings and thoughts, there are some specific things one should definitely avoid discussing on a first date. In a thread, people reveal the worst things to say on a first date.

Read on.

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1. “Does anyone know you’re here?”

– McAwes0meville

2. “I only agreed to go on this date because you look like my sister.”

– LordCrunchMaster

3. “Will you marry me?”

– TaylerHull

4. “I can’t wait for you to meet my dolls.”

– cleaning-meaning

5. “I had to get permission from my mom to come here tonight.”

– Amb_301

6. “My mother has high expectations from my future wife, she wants someone slender and beautiful for me. Luckily, I don’t have such high standards, I like chubby women.”

– MnemonicBanality

7. “You know you can make money at home and be your own boss?”

– ERN3570

8. “You smell like my ex.”

– laconicwheeze

9. “My parents are hanging out at the bar around the corner if you want to go meet up with them after dinner.”

– room_temp_butter

10. “This was really great practice, thanks so much.”

– alexbholder

11. “How much money do you make?”

– WillieFromBadSanta

12. “We don’t have to use protection, I’m already pregnant.”

– CawthornCokeOrgyClub

13. “You kiss better than our grandmother.”

– Christmas_Panda

14. “My ex was so much more fun.”

– shawnglade

15. “Don’t worry, we don’t need a condom, it’s non-transmissible.”

– Englandboy12

16. “You shouldn’t eat so much.”

– LambBrainz

What was the worst thing you witnessed during your first date?