Sidhu Moose Wala, one of the most renowned artists, was shot dead in his village last evening, leaving his fans across the world in grief and shock.

The singer, who was also a rapper, lyricist, songwriter, actor and politician, admired Tupac Shakur and he started listening to hip-hop music in the sixth grade.

There’s no doubt that the singer was one of the finest singers. After marking his singing debut in 2017 with the song G Wagon, the 28-years-old singer shot to fame with a series of popular albums.

 And today, we have compiled some of our favourite songs of the singer. Read on.

1. 295

This song talks about the cost of telling the truth and how it can attract controversy and hatred. In an eery coincidence, the singer released this song in 2021, which is also the exact date of his demise.

2. So High

With a foot-tapping background score and catchy lyrics, this was one of his most popular and loved songs. Released in 2018, this song instantly became a favourite for many of his fans.

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3. Same Beef

This song, which is a part of an album of the same title, was released in 2019. The catchy song is composed by Byg Byrd and sung by Bohemia and Sidhu Moose Wala.

4. Just Listen

The singer gave a perfect response to his haters with this song that represented how everyone is becoming a fan of his personality, style and music.

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5. Famous

The lyrics of this song directly connected the singer with the young generation. Released in 2018, this song is produced by Byg Brd under the label of T-Series.

6. Badfella

With the picturesque backdrop of Canada, this song went on and garnered 91 million views.

7. Never Fold

This song, from his album No Name, released in 2022. The singer sang as well as wrote the song.

8. The Last Ride

This song, which he released just two weeks before he was murdered, was also the last song that he released. Apart from the name of the song, there’s another eerie detail in its poster. The main album picture showcase an image of a car and a crime scene, just like how the singer was also shot dead while he was sitting in his car.

Interestingly, the lyrics of this song literally translates to:

He was hated by many, but many also died loving him. He was famous worldwide but many in his own city failed to defeat him. More than his win, his defeat created noise. Moose Wala has become immortal in his life, but the gleam on the face of this man tells that he will die young.


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9. Issa Jatt

With captivating raps and hip-hop music, this song is one of the many collaborations between the singer and Sunny Malton.

10. Levels

With an upbeat background score and relatable lyrics, Levels became one of the singers’ more popular tracks soon after its release.

11. Tochan

This song, which was released back in 2018, was written by the singer himself. Again, one of the most famous songs from his albums, this song has crossed over 250 million views.

12. Selfmade

In this inspirational song, which is a part of his debut album, the singer talks about the struggles he faced in life.

13. Legend

This song, which is written, sung and composed by the singer, is one of the hit party numbers. 

14. Bambiha Bole

This amazing song was released in 2020 and is composed by Amrit Maan.

15. Jatt Da Muqabala

Released in 2018, this song is one of the most loved song of the singer. With catchy lyrics and music, this song is a perfect dance number.

Rest in power, Sidhu Moose Wala!