The alarming speed of climate change has brought a heartbreaking rise of whale deaths. Whether it is due to the saddening fluctuation in the climate or the immense human thirst, it is killing whales at a speed which is beyond frightening.   

Here are a few instances that depict that whales around the world are dying at an unimaginable rate.  

1. When seven dead gray whales were found at the Alaska shore due to the climate crisis and sea ice melting at a rapid speed. 


2. When three endangered North Atlantic right whales were entangled in ropes and could not be helped due to bad weather conditions. 


3. When six endangered North Atlantic right whales were found dead in the Gulf of St Lawrence of Canada. Three of them died due to being hit by ships and the rest due to being entangled in fishing ropes. 


4. When Japan resumed its much controversial ‘commercial whaling‘ after a three-decade-ban.  

5. When a mother and a baby sperm whale died due to being caught in fishnet in the Tyrrhenian Sea of Italy.

6. When about 800 whales were mass-slaughtered at the Faroe Islands in Denmark in the name of ‘tradition.’ 

7. When a Cuvier beaked whale was found dead in the Philippines with about 40 kg of plastic in its stomach. 

8. When a 31-feet-long sperm whale was found dead in Indonesia’s Kapota Island with 6 kg of plastic. 

Due to human atrocities, the whales are dying at such a disturbing rate. It is a possibility that the future generation will only get to read about these beautiful species in textbooks.