If you are a bachelor looking for a rented apartment in a new city, you always have your fingers crossed hoping to get a non-interfering and good landlord. However, if you are a landlord, you wish to get that one tenant who leaves your house as it was when they finally vacate the apartment. The number of bad landlord-tenant stories on the internet has made you believe that this is a dream.

However, we found a Reddit thread on the Mumbai subreddit where Mumbaikars decided to push the negatives aside and rather share the good landlord and good tenant stories. The answers are, truly, refreshing.

Here are 11 good landlord and good tenant stories that you should read, so that you don’t lose hope in a new city. Read on.

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1. “Even though I moved here this year, they still haven’t asked the tenants to move out. It is because their daughters are giving their boards.” – RabidQuince

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2. “I lived in Ghatkopar outside my college, because I did not want to share one hostel room with two people. The middle-aged couple were generally the best people to have. They never interfered with my life, even if friends came to my house at 3 AM – even if all of them were girls… As a pampered only child from a small town, they were a blessing I needed the most in this fast-moving city.” – GreenStock4702

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3. “My landlord gave me back my deposit within two hours of vacating the flat.” – YeeHaw_72

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4. “My landlady messaged me and I quote ‘U are good’.” – tonyrocks_13

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5. “We do a monthly gossip session with our landlady about our l*** residents welfare association.” – anonybong

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6. “My landlord apologizes for even calling me.” – LovelyButtocks

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7. My landlady gave me the scoop on a girl I liked.” – testingwaters82

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8. “We have given out multiple flats for rent. The lockdown hit everyone hard and people were forced to leave their flats. My dad basically slashed the rent in half and even told the tenants not to pay the electricity bill and stuff.” – GeezusKhryst

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9. “I paid on time and never gave them a chance to complain.” – hahahadev

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10. “This is a feel-good story from the early 1980s. A young lawyer approached my father who owned a small building on the main road in Fort. My father made a snap judgment of his character and offered him a large area rent-free! The young lawyer worked hard. He became successful and has remained a lifelong friend of the family.” – GladInstruction9521

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11. “The landlord and landlady treated me as their child and even returned half the rent because I didn’t stay for one entire month.” – Thelazytimelord257

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Kindness does exist.