If you have ever travelled on local trains, you are well aware of the hustle one goes through. Nonetheless, standing in the queue to buy a ticket is a test of our patience. 

Talking about locals, we stumbled upon a man from Indian railways who has mastered the art of giving tickets to the passengers. He is so quick that in just 15 seconds, he gives tickets to three passengers.

Have a look at how surprisingly fast this man is printing tickets. Indeed the skill shows his years of experience in the field.

The video was shared by Mumbai Railway Users and has garnered more than 24k views and 1k likes.

People on Twitter are hailing this Railway employee, who must be in his 60s. If you know the plight of standing in the queue to buy tickets, this video surely win your heart. 

Surely, this is a peek Mumbai local station scene. High five! If you relate. 

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