Twitter never fails to stun us with its absurdity. Recently, images of an Indonesian man marrying his beloved rice cooker have gone viral. The groom is dressed in white wedding garb, but the bride is only wearing a bridal veil – she’s a rice cooker, after all.

“White, quiet, good at cooking, very dreamy,” the images are captioned.

The man in the photo is Kahirol Anam, who shared the photos on his Facebook page to announce his wedding to a rice cooker on September 20th. 

While we all wish to marry our true love, this man, holding his loving wife, made ‘the day’ possible. Looking at the pictures one can surely say that it was a ‘rice’ day. 

The photos have earned over 44,300 likes and over 13,5000 retweets on Twitter. Netizens were left in splits, with some posting the inanimate things they’d like to marry.

While the wedding pictures look all dreamy, the couple did not have a ‘forever’ together as four days later, Anam declared on Facebook that he had divorced his ‘wife’.

Well, to let you know, the marriage and divorce were both a joke. Anam is well-known for his humorous social media content.

What are your views on this strange couple?