Not all influencers are bad but a huge number of them seem to have lost the plot completely. As is evident by the case of the recent Tesla crash in Los Angeles.

The incident started getting attention after the Los Angeles police issued a notice, announcing $1000 reward for anyone who could give leads for the person behind the crash, the video of which has since gone viral. In the video, one can see a person driving a Tesla driving over a hill and then landing on two vehicles parked on the road.

This obviously is as dangerous as it gets and ‘influencer’ named Dominykas Zeglaitis AKA Durte Dom has claimed responsibility for it.

He has posted many videos on TikTok, including that of the accident, claiming that he did it on purpose and even taking pride in it.

The police are now looking into the matter amid rumours that Dominykas, in fact, may not have done it and is taking responsibility just to get attention.

Which, if true, is gross.

A line has to be drawn because people out there are losing their minds over clout.