Choosing a gift for our parents is difficult. We work our brains to figure out that perfect gift that our parents will love and not scold us for spending too much money. Recently, this man found the perfect birthday gift for his father. He surprised his father with his dream bike and his father’s reaction was adorable.

It is always the parents who surprise their children with things they have dreamt of. But Ujwal Sidnag took a different approach. He surprised his father with his dream bike for his 59th birthday. The bike held a particular value for the father because his father used to ride the same bike back in the day.

Take a look at the video posted by Ujwal on his Instagram.

Dream bike reel by Ujwal Sidnag
dream bike to father
Source: Instagram / @usidbodypro

“Until last year I had no idea how much he loved this bike when we randomly just visited the showroom to just check the price. But my dad was like ‘We can’t afford this, it’s too expensive’. But that day I really saw the love for it, as he was curiously asking all the questions to the representative there!” mentioned Ujwal in the caption.

dream bike
Source: Instagram / @usidbodypro

The father’s reaction was priceless and people showered the comments with love. The video has received more than 376K likes and two million views. Here’s what people had to say about this gesture.

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Extremely heart-warming!