Mumbai’s people are its spirit. The people who rise up to all challenges. The people who face fear, happiness, and sorrow together as one entity. Time and again we have witnessed this never-dying spirit of Mumbai through small yet meaningful actions of its people.

Recently, a public transport staff set an example for others by diverting the bus to a hospital when a 5-year-old kid had seizures on the bus. The kid was traveling with his mother when he had fits.

DNA India

The alert bus staff including the ticket collector, conductor, and driver, immediately vacated the bus and diverted it to a nearby hospital. They even offered to deposit the cash collected during the day to get the child admitted.

The incident was brought to light by a woman named Tanvi Gavankar who was at the hospital. She shared the entire experience on social media.

According to reports, the bus conductor carried the child in his arms while the driver rushed with his mother, and saved a crucial life with their proactiveness.

The incident is now being widely shared on social media and people are saluting the spirit of Mumbai.

The driver and the conductor were felicitated for their prompt action by the BEST General Manager, Lokesh Chandra, and he told the media that they will be rewarded.

Kudos to the staff for their prompt response that saved a kid’s life.