Indian rail coaches often have a lot of symbols and letters on them that we don’t understand. One of them is the large ‘X’ that is seen on the last coach of a train. A lot of us have different ideas about what the ‘X’ symbol means. The Railway Ministry took to Twitter to explain the logic behind the symbol and people finally got their answer.

Taking to Twitter, the Railway Ministry tweeted, “The letter ‘X’ on the last coach of the train denotes that the train has passed without any coaches being left behind.” The symbol signifies that all coaches of a train have passed without any coach being detached. It serves as a confirmation for the railway officials. The ‘X’ is painted on the last coach of a train in yellow and it can be seen on any passenger-carrying train and on freight trains.

Take a look at the tweet here.

The tweet has been viewed over 240K times and has received more than 4K likes and over 600 retweets. Some netizens added more information to the thread. While some had hilarious responses. Here’s what people had to say.

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Finally, the speculations have been put to rest.

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