Ratan Tata, the 84-year-old tycoon, has won the hearts of the people again, this time by celebrating his birthday in the simplest way possible.

Source: Hindustan Times

The Chairman Emeritus of Tata Sons, celebrated his birthday with a small cupcake and a lot of affection, rather than a grandiose location, huge balloon arch, and expensive three-tiered cakes.

Source: Instagram

If you're curious to know why Ratan Tata spent his birthday with Shantanu, you should know that the two have the ideal mentor-protégé bond. Shantanu got a position at the Tata Group three years ago after being noticed by Ratan Tata himself. Shantanu's respect for Tata Sons Chairman Emeritus has grown stronger since then.

Source: Instagram

Now, a touching video of the elderly businessman celebrating his birthday with a young employee and a simple cupcake has gone viral. People across the nation are sending their best wishes to him!

Indeed, simplicity is the ultimate sophistication!

You can watch the entire video here: