Remember, the Instagrammer who was fined and called out by fans for dancing at a traffic signal in Indore as a part of some weird social media trend? Well, we have another one doing almost the same and creating problems for public.

Sandy Saha, a YouTuber, comedian and actor from Kolkata, was recently fined for dancing on the road amid heavy traffic in the city.

In a video posted on Saha’s Facebook account, the digital creator can be seen dancing on Kolkata’s Maa flyover. He came out of a car on the flyover, went to the other side and started dancing on the song ‘Main aayi hun UP Bihar lootne.’

The video has gained 4.1 million views and 15K comments on Facebook.

Sandy’s content is quite popular on YouTube. But this time, fans weren’t pleased with him and a few people tagged the Kolkata police on this video asking them to take action.

Responding to people’s reactions, Sandy said that he did not feel what he did was wrong because he did not break any traffic laws. As far as stopping the car in between on the flyover is concerned, he said that he was not aware it’s prohibited.

As per reports, a notice has been sent to Sandy from the Tilajala police station and the driver of the car has also been charged.