Often times it so happens that whenever you start a cleaning spree in your house, you end up finding something interesting hidden in some corner. And this is what happened with this Twitter user who ended up finding an antique wedding invitation card from 1933 in her house.

The user took to Twitter and shared a picture of her grandparents’ intricate wedding invitation card. Sonya Battla shared a picture of the 89-year-old wedding invite. She captioned it, “My grandparents’ wedding invitation circa #1933 #Delhi.”

Penned in neat Urdu calligraphy, the old coffee-coloured invitation card is nothing short of beautiful. The card reads, “I honour and thank the Prophet Muhammad. I am grateful to Allah Ta’ala for this good time, Respected Sir, Peace be Upon You. The wedding of my son, Hafiz Muhammad Yousaf, is set for Sunday, April 23, 1933, which is Zil-Hajj 1351.” 

The wedding invitation card includes the details of the bride and the groom and the other wedding rituals that were to be followed. What’s interesting is that the card also asks the guests to be punctual.

The tweet has fetched over 739K views and more than 9K likes. Netizens were mesmerized by the beauty of the wedding invitation card. Here’s what they had to say.


What a beautiful slice of history!