You must have heard stories about people smuggling drugs and gold from one place to another, often hiding them in their body parts. As bizarre as it sounds, the practice of smuggling started in the middle ages and continues even today.

NY Daily News

And, in a similar incident, a passenger was booked for attempting to smuggle gold apparently worth ₹30.55 lakh in his wig (one pouch) and rectum (two capsule-shaped pouches).

As per the Customs Commissioner’s Office, the passenger, travelling from Abu Dhabi, was nabbed at New Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International (Terminal 3) airport.

He was smuggling the gold, reportedly weighing 630.45 grams, which was hidden in his wig and rectum. The officials pulled off the wig and retrieved the gold.

The video which shows how the mound of gold was placed right on his scalp and how the customs officials recovered the gold from underneath his wig has gone viral on social media.

And, this is how netizens reacted to the viral video clip:

Sona kitna sona hai?

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