It is often said that change is the only constant. And that’s true. In a society as dynamic as ours, things are bound to change at a rapid pace. It won’t be surprising to see what is acceptable now being looked down upon in the near future.

In this vein, a Reddit thread asked Redditors to reveal things that are legal now but they expect them to be illegal in the next 20 years. The answers are telling.

1. “Data privacy violations.” – rologies

2. “Charities spending less than 5% of the money they are donated to the cause, due to big overheads.” – andercode

3. “Family vlog channels. There’s been many instances where families have exposed intimate, inappropriate parts of a child’s upbringing. And I wouldn’t be surprised if there are legal cases in the future, for exploitation or damages. I’d say it will be age restricted at least, since the kids can’t consent.” – Large_Fee1158

4. “Multi-Level Marketing. A lot more people are seeing these for what they are.” – MissGalifrey

5. “Subscription services for certain product features. It’s ridiculous that one requires a sub-service to use the key fob for his/her car.” – 330212702

6. “I’m cool with government officials buying index funds. Betting on the overall health of the economy is a good thing. They just shouldn’t be allowed to short them or sell them while having access to privileged information.” – zirittusit

7. “Telemarketing. God, please, ban telemarketing.” – ColinNapier

8. “Hopefully, child beauty pageants.” – floweytheflo

9. “Advertisements for sports gambling.” – adamh909

10. “If the game can be sold to children, it should not have micro-transactions.” – TxGood

11. “Deepfakes.” – TxGood

12. “Single use plastic.” – WaCandor

13. “Any expectations of privacy. Anywhere. Even in your own home.” – threadsoffate2021

14. “Playing candy crush or whatever with the volume all the way up on the bus. What the f***! You don’t even need sound for that game! It’s just DING DING BLING BLING! The most annoying sh**.” – Lilcheebs93

15. “Free speech.” – Duder115

What more would you add to the list?